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In recent years, installing whole-home audio systems has become increasingly common. Time has allowed for technological advancements that offer more opportunities for everyone. You cannot find the “perfect” system until you’ve got a few different ones to try. The cost of a solution can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. In particular, if you want the best system money can buy, the kind your loved ones and neighbors will be green with envy over. However, you should consider it an improvement to your home and your way of life. It’s a good investment if it raises your home’s resale price. Whole home audio systems are widely available at discount retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Factors affect the cost of whole home audio systems

How much audio/visual equipment will be required?

The amplifier(s), speakers, and other audio components that make up your home audio system can and will range in quality. High-end products will inevitably cost more. But they should also provide better results and a more satisfying user experience.

The client’s preference for aesthetics

The preferences of each homeowner will vary. Whereas one client might prefer individual room controls through in-wall control pads or remotes, another might prefer having everything controlled from a single device like a cellphone. No matter which one you choose, the price will always depend on how many gadgets you want and how advanced the technology is.

Overall size of the house

Installing speakers in smaller homes will be less costly. This is because fewer devices will be connected, and a smaller network is needed. On the other hand, if you have a bigger house with more rooms, the installer will need to cover more ground. You’ll require more speakers to provide sound throughout the house, but the extra investment will be well worth it.

Features and supported systems

The cost of installing whole-home audio systems can skyrocket as you add more rooms and, thus, more systems. There will be a low price point for simple solutions that you can use to manage the audio in a single room. However, the cost for whole house audio (more rooms) and more extensive additions will rise.

How many rooms do you have?

A few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s possible to find the decent-quality audio gear that won’t break the bank. Just get everything you need before you’re entangled in cables.
  • Buy a separate amplifier if your current receiver isn’t producing enough power for the speakers.
  • All speakers are not created equal. Think carefully about what kind of speakers will work best in your home.
  • Verify that your amplifier has adequate power to run your speakers and rooms.
  • You will need at least five more pairs of speakers if you want your music to play in seven different zones, and you only have speakers in the master bedroom and TV room at the moment.

Components that will make whole home audio systems better include:

Listening to music after a long, stressful day can be a great way to unwind and recharge. A good sound system makes it possible for people to enjoy their favorite shows or movies in the best possible way. In addition to the indoors, whole home audio systems bring music to the backyard or patio.

Surge protection

People should not ignore the safety features when purchasing whole home audio systems. If they want to keep their expensive electronics safe from damage due to sudden reductions in voltage, surge protectors are a must. As a bonus, it will make it possible to hook up various components easily. These important components will also maintain the safety levels necessary for enhanced safety.


You can play the music over loudspeakers in the yard or patio. Loudspeakers around your home allow residents to listen to their preferred online music streams or radio programs. A good speaker capable of replicating low-frequency sounds would also be a good option.

Surround speaker

In a complete audio setup, the surround speakers serve as both the input and output devices. To these speakers, people would link their TVs and other devices. Like an expensive receiver, premium speakers are important for optimal sound quality.


This component is crucial for home theater sound distribution. High-end receivers are essential for optimal sound quality. To maximize performance, use a receiver together with an amplifier.


Homeowners’ interest in automation systems continues to rise. In order to provide the entire family with access to excellent entertainment alternatives, it is best to manage your home’s audio system from a central location, such as a smartphone or tablet. If you’re thinking about investing in whole-home audio systems, look no further than Peridon Entertainment. Contact us today!