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Here’s a few things you need to know BEFORE you buy a home audio system make sure you read this article…

Before installing a home sound system…

Home theaters have increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. More often than not, a home sound system provides a wide range of benefits. These systems are excellent sources of entertainment. Unlike standard speakers, a home sound system offers exceptional sound and visual quality. Not to mention, you can always customize your home sound system to match your requirements. Nevertheless, there are several things you need to know before installing a home sound system.

Things you should know before installing a home sound system

The size of the room: 

As a homeowner, it is essential to know the size of your room before installing a home sound system. The size of your room helps you determine the best sound system model to purchase. Remember, there is a broad spectrum of home sound systems available in the market. Each has unique designs, configurations, and sizes. If you have a smaller indoor space, it would be best to purchase a tiny home sound system.

Obstacles affecting sound quality: 

At times, you may have obstacles in your room that affect the sound quality of the home sound system. An excellent example of a common barrier is a carpet. Carpets often interfere with the distribution of bass, especially if you place the home sound system directly on the carpet. Therefore, you may have to remove your carpet before installing a home sound system. Additionally, placing the home sound system on hard floors leads to uneven bass and echoes. Check the manufacturer’s manual to see the best surfaces to put your home sound system on.

The light present in your room: 

Knowing the amount of light helps you find a suitable location for the home sound system. Generally, placing the home sound system in too much light leads to washed-out images on the TV in the home theater system due to surface reflection. Always place the home sound system in areas free from screen glare and surface reflection.

The wall type: 

Did you know that your wall can affect the sound quality of the home audio system? Usually, wood paneling is very reflective, hence resulting in unpleasant vibration. On the flip side, drywalls are a better option. Fortunately, you can always eliminate unwanted vibrations using acoustic treatments.

The location of the home sound system: 

You need to determine the location of your home sound system before purchase. This way, you’ll know how the sound system complements the room. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Are you planning to place the home audio in a cabinet?
  • Is there a lounging area in the area you plan to place the home audio system?

Your best video projector preference: 

More often than not, video projectors are the most essential elements in a home sound system. Always identify the video projector of your choice. Video projectors come in different sizes and qualities. The one you choose utterly depends on your preference. But generally, the screen should provide a good visual experience.

The quality of speakers: 

Before installing a home sound system, you need to know the quality of your speakers. Make an effort to listen to your speakers before you install them. Doing this helps you know the best place to install them. Also, you can always request another speaker type, especially if you haven’t yet paid for the home sound system. It is always advisable to consult a sound expert on the best speakers to purchase. The appearance of your speakers should also complement your interior décor.

The type of connection cables and speaker wires: 

Keep in mind that you cannot have a home audio system without several connections. Therefore, before installing a home sound system, always check the type and size of the cables. Ensure the wires reach their plugs with ease. Also, the main cable should reach the power source without strain. If the cables incorporate different colors, know how to match them to improve the room’s beauty. If you want to hide the wires, use a box or cabinet to lock them in. Audio installation experts advise using 16-gauge speaker wires.

Ease of use: 

Your home sound system should be user-friendly. You don’t want to buy something you can’t install by yourself. The instruction manual should also be clear. Today, there are many home sound systems you can use using your smartphone. The remote control of the home sound system should also be simple to use.

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