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Whether you’re living in a small house on purpose or because it is the only option available, you may be curious about how to fit a small home theater into a previously underused room or one that you particularly enjoy.

Luckily, there are a variety of options for making a home theater work in any size space. Do you want to make your family, friends, and coworkers green with envy when they visit your home because of the snug and pleasant theater room you created out of your limited space?

In that case, if you have an imaginative eye for design, it is possible to create a great room even though there is only a limited amount of space. You need some creatively stimulating ideas and some cautious planning!

Here are some helpful small home theater room ideas to consider.

Mood Lighting

Having a quiet environment to play games and enjoy movies is more than just an inconvenience. Installing ambiance lighting is one option for this. This makes for a calm and stress-free setting, perfect for playing video games or watching TV with family and friends.

Several colors, including purples, blues, reds, and even greens, are available when designing mood lighting. There are also many ways to set the mood, like installing track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, or a combination of the two.


Planning a small home theater begins with selecting the screen’s dimensions, material, and location. A big screen is essential for some people, but for others, a big TV would do. Whether you should use a projector or an LED TV to display your media in the home theater depends on the media you regularly use, how much you want to spend, and the size of the room. Once you’ve decided on the screen’s dimensions, material, and installation spot, you can focus on the room’s seating capacity and shape.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is crucial in any room, but it’s especially crucial in a small home theater. You should avoid any conditions that can cause screen glare. Darker walls and flooring offer a homogenous backdrop that does not reflect light. This is why they are a popular choice among homeowners. Sconces often make a home theater feel the coziest and most welcoming when the lights come back on after the show.

Construct a Room that Blocks Noise

Soundproofing is a must for any space where people will be watching media or listening to music. This is because it prevents intrusive sounds from the outside from spoiling your experience. Simultaneously, you indulge in your preferred pastime, be it watching television, listening to music, playing a video game, or simply spending time alone.

Putting blackout curtains or thick drapes on all windows is a simple approach to soundproofing your media room. These not only cut down on background noise, but they also look nice next to your screen.

A Comfy Design

You should prioritize comfort and convenience while coming up with a design for your small home theater room. Create seating that’s comfortable even if viewers can’t see the screen. That calls for comfortable seating options, such as swiveling chairs or sofas, and space to spread out for movies, snacks, and toilet breaks.

Let’s pretend you can design a dedicated sleeping area with an unappealing sofa bed. In that situation, they can do what they need to and come back without disturbing anyone else’s enjoyment of the movie.

Combining Multiple Functions

Don’t limit yourself to a single form of entertainment when planning your small home theater room. Though it could be more convenient to keep your TV, gaming consoles, and stereo equipment in their own rooms, it’s worth remembering that a well-designed multipurpose space will provide you with far more enjoyment. Simply put, you should dedicate an entire wall to it rather than cram your TV into a little corner where no one can see it.

Planning out the placement of the chairs and speakers is essential when designing a home theater. This will allow everyone to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Don’t Limit Your Time in the Room to Just Watching TV

Don’t just focus on how you’ll watch TV shows and movies with your guests when planning your small home theater room design. Instead, keep in mind that this makes for a perfect spot for the family to get away from it all and spend some quality time together in peace.

If you want to play music without disturbing the rest of the household, you might install a soundproof panel in your room.

Need help choosing a small home theater?

Designing a small home theater is a creative process. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to design a cozy, small home theater room that will be the perfect spot to watch movies and TV with family and friends. Your new comfy home theater can be ready for your next movie night with patience and ingenuity. Talk to one of Peridon Entertainment’s home theater specialists before making a significant purchase. Contact us today!