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This Fathers Day, Give Dad The Gift of an Outdoor Audio System

Do you have plans for Father’s Day? The 16th of June will be here before you know it, especially if you haven’t discovered the ideal gift for Dad yet. Let us be the bug that plants the idea in your ear this summer…. Dad wants an Outdoor Audio System.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, many Dads now prefer high-tech over traditional: a wireless projector, for example, rather than a tie. That makes finding a present that honors everything he does for his family a little more difficult.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a Father’s Day gift guide that only includes the best of the best. Each product on this list is guaranteed to make Dad smile as well as bring joy and comfort to your outdoor living environment. So with that said, let’s get right into it.

5 Great Outdoor Home Audio Ideas Dad Will Love

1. Wired Speaker Systems

A high quality outdoor audio system in Houston starts with a performance quality speaker system. For the best sounding quality and highest performance, most homeowners in Houston opt for a wired speaker system that can handle a variety of different inputs and provide consistent interference free performance. While typically more expensive than the wireless variety of speakers on the market, a wired outdoor speaker system simply sounds better than it’s wireless counterparts and offers better quality and performance. Dad will appreciate the sound quality in a professional outdoor speaker installation.

2. Landscape Speakers

There is no better accent to a part than ambient sound provided by strategically positioned landscape speakers. Typically homeowners opt to incorporate landscaping in their backyard and depending on the size of your property, positioning landscape speakers throughout can give you high quality sound and performance throughout your entire property. When you are dealing with different elevations, long distances from access points or have concerns about running cables and wiring, or just want the security of a professional installation, call Peridon Entertainment. There is no better company suited to wiring your landscaping or swimming pool sound system.

3. High Quality Outdoor Audio System

Why settle for a boom box when you can rock the house with a high quality outdoor audio system installed by a professional? Give Dad the ultimate gift this Father’s day instead of the typical tie or barbecue utensils, give him something the whole family will enjoy. You spend a lot of time with family and friends in your backyard, so why not enjoy it to it’s maximum potential? Adding an outdoor audio system will make your outdoor living environment more inviting, it will also set the stage for the best barbecues and birthday parties in the neighborhood!

4. Surround Sound

If you are looking to completely immerse your backyard in high quality sound, there are an array of products that we recommend and provide professional expert installation on. Take your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary with an outdoor home theater system. Surround sound isn’t just for the living room, it’s for the backyard as well! One of the best ways to have incredible sound quality that truly and completely immerses the listener is with a professional surround sound installation performed by the leading installers in Houston – Peridon Entertainment.

5. Wireless Speakers

We’re not a big fan of wireless speaker systems. The reason they are on this list is so that we can steer you away from them. The average homeowners backyard is somewhere between a half acre to an acre. With that kind of long range distance the potential for interference producing low quality sound is high. This is especially true in backyards with lots of trees and various elevations. A wireless sound system is often dependant on blue tooth technology. Your sound system itself will often be at the mercy of both the number of competing devices as well as the strength of your wifi connection. Pro Tip – for a truly immersive and trouble free home audio installation, opt for a Wired Speaker Installation.