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To get the most out of your movies and games, investing in a home audio system is a must, especially if you desire the full-on movie theatre experience in the comfort of your home.

A surround sound system can be your best bet.

What is a Surround Sound System?

Surround sound is a technology that boosts your audio, immersing you in the experience of whatever entertainment you have going on, whether it’s listening to music, watching a movie, or even playing video games.

How a Surround Sound System Works

Surround sound works through multiple speakers, usually located throughout the room; the system sends digital audio signals to the system receiver, which interprets the signal and relays the sound to appropriate speakers – each speaker usually relays a different audio.

Say you’re watching a movie. The film action, dialogue, and background noise, even the most subtle of sounds, will be separated among the different speakers so you have a more enjoyable experience.

Types of Surround Sound System

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There are several types of surround sound systems, often classified following the number of speaker layouts, usually designated with numbers, i.e., 5.1 surround sound refers to five speakers to be placed in front-center, left-front, right-front, left-rear, and right-rear, with one sub-woofer, which is designated by the 1.

Other surround systems include 6.1, 7.1, 7.2, 9.1, etc., which means additional speakers.

In some cases, you might see 9.1.2, which technically means nine speakers with one sub-woofer and two 3D speakers.

How to Choose the Best Surround Sound System for Home

Unlike TVS, where you can simply go to the shop and pick the top model your heart desires, surround sound systems tend to be confusing. It is a whole set-up; you’ll need to think of;

  1. The space they’re going to occupy – if your space is small, a big surround sound system is simply an overkill; a system with two or 3-floor speakers might be your best bet. But, if you’re a movie buff, just go all out with an 11.2, as long as your pocket allows, and you’ve got the space for it.
  2. How much money are you willing to spend? – Surround sound systems can be a bit pricey. So, if you have a tight budget, you need to weigh your options: either go with a different home audio system, such as a sound bar, or a small start-up with a surround sound system that allows for more channel speakers, which you can add later.
  3. Practical concerns – if you have kids or pets or simply want a minimalistic look, you may want to consider having speakers out of reach or going with wireless surround sound speakers.
  4. Find out more – as they say, knowledge is power; the more you know about surround sound systems, the closer you are to making better decisions for your needs. You can read professional reviews by previous buyers of different surround sound system models.

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