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Outdoor Home Theater

Follow our Design Guide for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Home Theater

There’s nothing like spending a summer evening with friends and family outdoors, so why not sit outside and watch a movie as the sun sets? Outdoor home theaters seem to be gaining in popularity in Houston, and we believe this is due to the lower cost and availability of projectors. Lets look at a few low-cost options for setting up a home theater in your backyard. You can easily put something together that your entire family, particularly the kids, will enjoy with just a little effort.

For a premium outdoor audio experience, you’ll need the right gear. We’ll highlight a few things below that can help you get started building an outdoor home theater.


Most projectors will work fine as long as you intend on watching the movie in the dark, but the brighter the better is a good rule of thumb. You should aim for a 16:9 aspect ratio in film. This will give you the rectangular-shaped screen that HD movies are known for. Sure, you can find less costly 4:3 projectors, but the experience isn’t the same, and the image is either cropped or cut down to match the screen.


You may spend a large portion of your budget on a decent projector, but that’s fine. The projector will power the outdoor theater, while the screen will serve as the wheels. There is no movie without a projector. A sheet can fit, but it has some significant disadvantages, such as wrinkles and being easily blown by the wind. A good screen can boost brightness and reflectivity, resulting in a clear and crisp picture. There are many portable options available, and fixed permanent options. When constructing a frame or affixing the screen to a wall, keep in mind that you want it to be as smooth as possible. Any bumps or creases may be visible, which can be irritating.


Now for the all-important sound system. A large screen is fine, but good speakers can significantly improve the overall viewing experience. The advantage of purchasing high-quality speakers over a television or projector is that they can be used elsewhere. In the winter, you can have a cozy two-channel system, and in the summer, you can have a rocking outdoor home theater.

A good stereo setup can give you a better soundstage and imaging, making for a more immersive movie experience. Overall, I’d have to say that the pleasure of watching a movie outdoors in the summertime outweighs the sound and picture quality. However, as we’ve seen, you can put together a nice outdoor home theater that will delight your friends and family for years to come. You’ll be ready for several rocking outdoor parties with a projector, screen, and sound system. Oh, and we didn’t mention you don’t have to break the bank to have an amazing outdoor audio system? Simply contact the experts at Peridon Entertainment.