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Outdoor Home Theater

An outdoor projector screen may be worthwhile if you enjoy spending evenings lounging in the backyard or on the patio. By doing so, you can provide your guests with a pleasant experience by playing cable TV, a TV show, a movie, or music.

As technology evolves, more and more people can take their indoor activities outside, such as watching TV on their patio or beneath a large umbrella in their backyard. The setup and use of this outdoor projector screen are simple. They’ll be available to you in a wide range of sizes and styles.

These projectors are ideal for use in the great outdoors. They are extremely adaptable, fitting neatly into any outdoor setting, from a picnic table to a barbecue grill to patio furniture. The elements won’t affect this outdoor projector screen because it was built to last.

What is an outdoor projector screen?

Simply put, a projector screen is a surface upon which the projected image will be displayed. Although you can use any flat surface to see a projector’s picture, an outdoor projector screen is a specialized attachment that provides an ideal viewing surface.

For those unfamiliar, a projection screen is just a flat surface onto which you aim a projector and display.

Importance of an outdoor projector screen

If a projector can display on any surface, there’s no reason to use a screen. Simply put, an outdoor screen and projector are complementary pieces of equipment you should use together to ensure the best possible movie-watching experience.

A screen provides a flat surface upon which to project an image. This eliminates the risk of image distortion due to the beam’s interaction with an irregular surface or a flare defect.

Moreover, when camping or otherwise spending time in the great outdoors, there is a good chance you will need somewhere suitable to display a picture. There are instances when a screen might give a simple, portable answer to a problem.

How to choose your outdoor projector screen?

Let’s talk about considerations you should make when shopping for your own outdoor projector screen. You may find that one screen model is more suitable for your needs than another. However, in the end, here’s a summary of the most important factors, so let’s look at each.

Screen mount 

The mount type of a screen specifies the method through which it needs support. You can mount stand-alone displays to the provided tripod. You can also hang them from the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted displays require permanent installation using screws. We wouldn’t recommend using a permanently installed screen outside.

Screen style

The style of a screen refers to its layout. Screens can be permanently installed on a wall, unfolded when needed, or folded up for easy transport. A foldable outdoor projector screen is perfect for usage in the great outdoors.

Benefits of an outdoor projector screen

You’ll need an outdoor screen to get the most out of your projector. Here are some advantages of investing in one.

Quality material

The primary difference between the screen and other surfaces is that it is specifically to accommodate projections. Screens help to reflect light, so projections onto them will look more true to life. Additionally, the screens’ material choice can reduce the risk of eye strain from staring at the bright lights late at nighttime.


Your projector’s portability increases when paired with a screen, so you can enjoy a cinematic experience anywhere. However, many modern projectors are portable. This often comes at the expense of the size of the area over which they can cast their image. When you have a screen with you, it doesn’t matter if there are any walls around you; the projector will still work.

Outstanding color palette

The projector’s screen color is calibrated to match the film’s original colors. The projected image will look different on a pink wall than on a white one. If you rely solely on your projector, its accuracy will be constrained by the size of the images it can produce. An outdoor projector screen eliminates this problem, saving you time and effort.

Final Thoughts

A presentation or event can be improved by the use of animation, video, or film. We want to make sure you get the right tools for the job without breaking the bank. If you know what you’re doing, you may save a lot of money on projecting systems and accessories that are well-suited to any setting and audience. Peridon Entertainment has what you need if you’re shopping for an outdoor projection screen. Contact us today!