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We look at some of the smartest tech available for luxury homes

Are you planning to transform your home into a luxurious haven? Currently, there are many smart types of equipment you can use to make your home look stylish and elegant. Some include sensors and voice control. In this article, we look at some of the best smart features that add luxury to your home.

Smart Technology For Your Luxury Home


The first smart feature is a sensor. Sensors undoubtedly make your life easier. These smart features sense your presence and automatically switch on your lights or open the door. At times, homeowners can forget to switch off their lights when going to bed. If you have a sensor, it will do this job for you. With a sensor, your lights will go on when you enter the room and go off after some time when they sense there is nobody in the room. You can also use sensors on your doors and gates. Your doors automatically open when they sense your presence and close immediately after you enter the room.

Set Your Home To Your Schedule

Have you ever thought of installing grouped or scheduled lighting? Scheduled lighting can help you wake up on time and stay punctual throughout the day. A good example of a scheduled scenes is when your lights go on, your curtains open, and music starts playing when it’s time to wake up. Scheduled scenes are much more effective than alarm clocks. Similarly, scheduled scenes will help you prepare for bedtime by locking the doors, opening the windows, and switching off lights. So, consider installing a scheduled scene if you want to keep time.

Voice Control

Voice controls help you control all your smart devices in the house. For example, if you want to play music, all you have to do is give an oral command to the device. Also, you can open your fridge, TV and switch off the lights using your voice. Voice control is user-friendly since you can do many things from the comfort of your own home. Besides, you won’t spend hours looking for your remote.

Smart Thermostats

Another smart feature you should consider adding to your home is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats identify your temperature needs and adjust to them. For example, if the environmental temperatures are low, they will automatically turn on your heating equipment. Smart thermostats are not only functional but also energy-saving. These smart devices can help you save money since they automatically turn on / off your cooling and heating equipment. Fortunately, you can operate a smart thermostat using your smartphone. With this smart feature, you’ll always know the amount of energy you consume per month. A smart thermostat helps you regulate humidity in your home. Subsequently, a smart thermostat is a must-have for most homeowners.

Smart Security Systems

One of the smart features you should consider buying is a smart security system. Smart security systems help you monitor your home even when you are miles away. For instance, there are smart cameras that help you see your home when you are far away. All you need to do is charge them and connect them to the internet. A common example of a smart security system is an alarm. A home alarm goes on when a stranger intrudes on your house. As a result, it alerts you and your neighbors in case of a robbery.

Smart Door Locks

A smart lock helps you close all your doors when necessary. With this lock, you need not worry about whether you forgot to lock your front or back door. You can control your smart door with your phone. Therefore, you can always let someone into your house even when you are not there. Smart locks are ideal for front and back doors. Installing a smart lock on your guest’s bedroom door may not make sense.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in Showerheads

If you love singing or playing music in the shower, try this smart feature. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can transform your shower experience. They deliver not only high-quality sound but also incorporate colored lighting. Therefore, you will enjoy colored lighting while taking your bath. These speakers allow you to play your favorite song in the shower. This helps you unwind and destress after a long day.

A Numi Toilet

The Numi toilet is a smart toilet that offers a wide range of settings. The Numi toilet features a Bluetooth speaker, cooling/heating abilities, and lighting features.


Ultimately, there is a broad spectrum of smart features that add luxury to your home. The one you choose often depends on your requirements. Carefully analyze your needs before settling for a specific smart feature. At Peridon Entertainment, our home theater installation experts suggest the best smart features that modify your home into a premium haven. Our experts take the time to understand what you want. From there, they recommend various smart features. Then, they deliver a quality installation.