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Peridon Entertainment - The Local Leaders in AV Installation

At Peridon Entertainment, we take immense pride in being the premier choice in Houston for home theater system installations, surround sound configurations, home security installations, and automation system setups. Our commitment to top-tier service and superior product offerings has earned us a sterling reputation in the industry.

Whether you are searching for the best outdoor system for your backyard or your living room and bedroom, or any other area in your home, trust that you can rely on our team to deliver nothing less than exceptional.

Understanding that each homeowner possesses distinct needs and preferences when it comes to home theater systems, we ensure our approach is highly personalized. We collaborate closely with our clients to craft a home theater design that aligns perfectly with their unique requirements and financial plan. From the first consultation to the final installation, our focus remains on providing a smooth and delightful experience.

We also understand the growing demand for outdoor entertainment solutions. That’s why we have extended our expertise to include the installation of outdoor sound systems, screens, and videos to complete your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor cinema, a backyard concert experience, or simply want to enjoy quality audio-visual content under the stars, we’ve got you covered.

Our crew of proficient technicians are specialists in the realm of home theater installations. We focus on setting up cutting-edge home theater systems, inclusive of the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, surround sound systems, and beyond. We utilize only the highest grade products and materials to guarantee that your home theater system is not just aesthetically pleasing but also built for durability.

Beyond home theater systems, we extend our services to the installation of surveillance cameras and automation systems. Recognizing the critical role of home security, we are committed to delivering the most effective home security solutions. Our range of home security systems includes smart door locks, surveillance cameras, and more. Furthermore, we offer automation systems that enable you to manage your lights, thermostat, and other systems straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Searching for the best outdoor system installers near you? Beyond the realm of indoor home theater systems, we also extend our expertise to transform your outdoor spaces into an immersive entertainment hub. We recognize that a well-designed outdoor sound system can elevate your poolside experiences to new heights. Our team is committed to creating a detailed system design that harmoniously integrates with your pool design, enriching your outdoor lifestyle.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to helping you envision this transformation. We offer an outdoor sound demonstration, which provides you with a tangible, real-life experience of what your outdoor space could become. This interactive demonstration enables you to feel the power of high-quality outdoor sound and its potential to create unforgettable experiences right in your backyard.

So, let’s take this journey together to redefine your outdoor space. Let’s craft an environment that blends comfort, entertainment, and awe-inspiring audio-visual experiences seamlessly. With Peridon Entertainment at your side, you can confidently realize your vision of the perfect outdoor sanctuary. Be inspired, be creative, and trust in the power of transformation. Your journey to an extraordinary outdoor space begins here.

At Peridon Entertainment, we’re not just about creating immersive entertainment experiences, but also about empowering you to realize your visions seamlessly. With our exclusive Peridon Entertainment credit card, we offer various finance options tailored to your needs, including zero percent offers, ensuring your dream project remains within reach. As a cardholder, enjoy access to year-round exclusives, enhancing your journey with us beyond just financial flexibility. Our instant approval process means you can start your transformative journey right away. Terms and conditions apply, but rest assured, we are committed to providing a rewarding experience every step of the way. Trust Peridon Entertainment to bring your creative inspirations to life, while offering you the financial ease you deserve.

Dedicated to provided you with the best entertainment experience possible.

At Peridon Entertainment, our commitment is unwavering – to deliver top-tier service and the ultimate client experience. We value your time, ensuring efficient yet meticulous execution of installations, striking the perfect balance between speed and quality. Immerse yourself in the Peridon difference, where exceptional service meets timely delivery without a compromise on excellence.

Our Mission

At Peridon Entertainment, our mission is to revolutionize your audio-visual experience. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch, innovative solutions customized to enrich both home and commercial spaces. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere service delivery; we aim to exceed expectations and foster enduring relationships with our clients. Our dedication to timely service and constant product enhancements encapsulates our relentless pursuit of perfection. Immerse in the Peridon difference, where exceptional service meets unrivaled quality.

Our Service Area

Peridon Entertainment is your Texas-wide partner for crafting immersive audio-visual experiences. Based in Houston, we extend our innovative services, including home theater installations and outdoor sound and video solutions, to Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and beyond. Experience the Peridon difference—where innovation meets service.